Change the battery in a Lenovo Silent Mouse

Just a quick video on how to change the battery in your Lenovo Silent Bluetooth Mouse. Holding the sides of the mouse with one hand, pull up on the corner where it says ThinkPad. This will expose the AA battery. Thanks for reading.

Microsoft VLSC Bug

In 2020 Avail Networks set up a few organizations with Microsoft Volume Licensing (through a reseller). If there was an email address that was used with the Volume Licensing Service Center in the past, then things work as intended. However, if the email address used for the licensing purchase did not have an existing VLSC… Continue reading Microsoft VLSC Bug

Did you hear “Solarwinds” was hacked?

Back in 2010 when Avail Networks was started, we used a software service called ControlNow to manage our clients computers. It was a great product. Solarwinds eventually bought LogicNow (which bought ControlNow) and overnight Avail Networks was suddenly using Solarwinds software. It was a nightmare. Solarwinds sales tactics were outright illegal. We were billed for… Continue reading Did you hear “Solarwinds” was hacked?

Let’s talk about DNS

First let’s get the acronym out to the way… DNS stands for Domain Name System. This post we’re talking about DNS and your business: The internet is made up of a bunch of numbers called IP addresses and these addresses point to networks that host websites, email servers, and more. DNS is the phone book… Continue reading Let’s talk about DNS