Our View on Monitoring Software

Monitoring Software has gained popularity with the COVID-19 pandemic as more people are working remotely. Managers pushing for this software have the impression that time is a measurement of productivity and performance. Sure, the assembly line worker (a position from the industrial age that will one day be replaced by a robot) will box more… Continue reading Our View on Monitoring Software

Did you hear “Solarwinds” was hacked?

Back in 2010 when Avail Networks was started, we used a software service called ControlNow to manage our clients computers. It was a great product. Solarwinds eventually bought LogicNow (which bought ControlNow) and overnight Avail Networks was suddenly using Solarwinds software. It was a nightmare. Solarwinds sales tactics were outright illegal. We were billed for… Continue reading Did you hear “Solarwinds” was hacked?