Your new Google Workspace account

Hi there! A new Google Workspace account has been created for you! Google Workspace is a collection of apps made by Google that will (hopefully) make work easier, more efficient, and enjoyable. The “Google Apps” you will most commonly use are: Gmail – incredibly powerful email. Meet –  voice & video conferencing. Calendar – scheduling, and sharing calendars.… Continue reading Your new Google Workspace account

Change the battery in a Lenovo Silent Mouse

Just a quick video on how to change the battery in your Lenovo Silent Bluetooth Mouse. Holding the sides of the mouse with one hand, pull up on the corner where it says ThinkPad. This will expose the AA battery. Thanks for reading.

Let’s talk about DNS

First let’s get the acronym out to the way… DNS stands for Domain Name System. This post we’re talking about DNS and your business: The internet is made up of a bunch of numbers called IP addresses and these addresses point to networks that host websites, email servers, and more. DNS is the phone book… Continue reading Let’s talk about DNS