The information on this page is updated as market prices change.

Please note, to maintain an acceptable workload, we provide support to a limited number of organizations.

We currently only provide managed services for Local Governments and First Nations.

  • Most organizations we provide services to have around 25 full time staff members.
  • The organization typically receives a monthly bill of $800.00 for IT Support (rates below).
  • The total operating costs (Monthly Services & IT Support) is less than $2,500.00 per month (example below).
  • This can result in substantial cost savings when compared to the traditional model of hiring IT Staff and the lifecycle costs of on-premise servers.

Monthly Services 💰

Cloud Services
Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage (archives, backups, snapshots), High Availability DNS, VPN, Static IP’s, etc.
(in Canadian Data Centers)
Pay what you use
Backup License
(per Workstation or Server)
Managed Server
Advanced Security/Web Protection/Patch Management, Automation, & Health Monitoring
(per Server)
Managed Workstation
Advanced Security/Web Protection/Patch Management/Device Encryption, Automation, & Health Monitoring
(per Workstation)
Google Workspace
Business Standard
(per Employee)

IT Support Rates 💰

Scheduled Support Rate
Support requests scheduled ahead of time
(Billed by the minute)
Unscheduled Support Rate
Unscheduled support calls between 9am-4pm Mon-Fri (excluding Statutory Holidays)
(Billed by the minute)
Emergency Support Rate
For emergency & after hours support requests
(Minimum 1 hour)

Example of Monthly Service Costs

Cloud Services
Windows 2019 Servers
(2 x domain controllers, 1 x remote desktop server)
Cloud Storage (snapshots & file level backup), Cloud to Office VPN, High Availability DNS
Cloud Backup License
(2 servers)
Managed Server
(3 servers)
Managed Workstation
(20 laptops/desktops)
Google Workspace
(26 users)
Total Monthly Services Cost$1,677.70

Additional licensing may be required depending on your organizations licensing requirements.