Pricing is updated as market prices change.

To maintain an acceptable workload, we provide support to a limited number of organizations.

We currently only provide managed services for Local Governments and First Nations.

  • Most organizations we support have ~ 25 full time employees.
  • The organization typically receives a monthly bill of $800.00 for IT Support (rates below).
  • The total service cost (Monthly Services + IT Support) is ~ $2,500.00 per month (example below).
  • This can result in substantial cost savings when compared to the traditional model of hiring IT Staff and the lifecycle costs of on-premise servers.

Monthly Services 📅

Cloud Services
Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage (archives, backups, snapshots), High Availability DNS, VPN, Static IP’s, etc.
(in Canadian Data Centers 🇨🇦)
Pay what you use
Backup License
(per Workstation or Server)
Managed Server
Advanced Security/Web Protection/Patch Management, Automation, & Health Monitoring
(per Server)
Managed Workstation
Advanced Security/Web Protection/Patch Management/Device Encryption, Automation, & Health Monitoring
(per Workstation)
Google Workspace
Business Standard
(per Employee)

IT Support Rates 🆘

Scheduled Support Rate
Support requests scheduled ahead of time
(Billed by the minute)
Unscheduled Support Rate
Unscheduled support calls between 9am-4pm Mon-Fri (excluding Statutory Holidays)
(Billed by the minute)
Emergency Support Rate
For emergency & after hours support requests
(Minimum 1 hour)

Example of Monthly Service Costs 💰

Cloud Services
Windows 2019 Servers
(2 x domain controllers, 1 x remote desktop server)
Cloud Storage (snapshots & file level backup), Cloud to Office VPN, High Availability DNS
Cloud Backup License
(2 servers)
Managed Server
(3 servers)
Managed Workstation
(20 laptops/desktops)
Google Workspace
(26 users)
Total Monthly Services Cost$1,677.70

Additional licensing may be required depending on your organizations requirements.