MSP Service Level Agreement

Managed Service Provider Service Level Agreement

This MSP SLA outlines our obligation, commitment, and responsibility towards our clients.


Avail Technology & Networking (known as Avail Networks) will assume agreed to roles and responsibilities related to information technology and will strive to exceed industry best practices. Clients are not bound to any contracts for services provided, and can end services without penalty or hassle. All information and communication is kept secure and confidential.

Scope of Services

  • Managed cloud services
  • Managed endpoint security
  • Managed networking
  • Managed VOIP services
  • On demand IT support and consultation

Please refer to your latest invoices to determine the services provided to your organization.

Response Time Goals

  • Response times will be dynamic and discussed with your organization to establish priority.

Vendor specific response time goals can be referenced in the links below.

Vendor Links

As we continuously evaluate IT services, we will add and remove vendor links to the services offered.