Your new Google Workspace account

Hi there!

A new Google Workspace account has been created for you!๐ŸŽ‰

Google Workspace is a collection of apps made by Google that will (hopefully) make work easier, more efficient, and enjoyable.

The “Google Apps” you will most commonly use are:

  • Gmail – incredibly powerful email.
  • Meet –  voice & video conferencing.
  • Calendar – scheduling, and sharing calendars.
  • Drive – storing files, sharing files, and accessing shared business files.
  • and more!

Check out this orientation checklist to get started with your new Google Workspace account.

You should have received an email from The Google Workspace Team with a button to sign in, the email looks like this:

Please click on the “Sign in” button as soon as you can, it expires after 48 hours!

Google Workspace is accessed using any web browser and works best with Google Chrome.

You can access your Google apps from any Google webpage by clicking the apps icon in the top right:

You can access your email, contacts, calendar, and files from any mobile device too!

Simply choose “Google Account” when adding a new account under the settings of your device.

Tip: Look for the Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Meet, and other Google apps in the App Store on your device (these work best with your account).

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