Microsoft VLSC Bug

In 2020 Avail Networks set up a few organizations with Microsoft Volume Licensing (through a reseller).

If there was an email address that was used with the Volume Licensing Service Center in the past, then things work as intended.

However, if the email address used for the licensing purchase did not have an existing VLSC account -> it turns out it is impossible to create a new account.

The account creation process forwards you to a Microsoft Partner Center web page claiming to verify the email address via a code.

The problem is you never receive a verification code.

I know we aren’t alone encountering this problem, and after sending Microsoft screen recordings and wasting 20 hours on the phone with Microsoft support -> we actually reached a point where we needed to cut our losses and move on.

If anyone knows a resolution to this issue, we are offering a $50 CAD reward -> sent via eTransfer, Paypal, or Crypto.

Please leave a comment below with your troubleshooting steps.

Thanks for reading.

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