Tax-Exemption Reference for Sales to First Nations

This post is for vendor reference. We get it, the Federal Government and Provincial Governments in Canada have stepped in and are enforcing billable services provided by US based companies to charge Canadians PST & GST. This has left a lot of organizations scrambling to comply. However, every day, we spend time trying to get… Continue reading Tax-Exemption Reference for Sales to First Nations

Changing your Microsoft 365 Password

Using a web browser, go to Enter your work email address: After entering your password, you may see this prompt, if you are not using a computer provided by your organization, choose No: Once logged into Outlook, click on your profile icon in the top right corner, then click on “View account”: This will… Continue reading Changing your Microsoft 365 Password

Personal Devices and Google Workspace Accounts

Every organization that handles sensitive or confidential data needs to have the ability to remove that data from any device in order to comply with legal requirements. If an organization doesn’t have this ability, it is a liability for the employee and employer. When someone leaves an organization (end of contract, resigns, laid off, etc.)… Continue reading Personal Devices and Google Workspace Accounts

Our View on Monitoring Software

Monitoring Software has gained popularity with the COVID-19 pandemic as more people are working remotely. Managers pushing for this software have the impression that time is a measurement of productivity and performance. Sure, the assembly line worker (a position from the industrial age that will one day be replaced by a robot) will box more… Continue reading Our View on Monitoring Software

Lenovo ThinkPad Won’t Turn On

Lenovo ThinkPad won’t turn on? Still not turning on? Still not working? None of that worked? Got it booted up? Great! Thanks for reading.

Your new Google Workspace account

Hi there! A new Google Workspace account has been created for you! Google Workspace is a collection of apps made by Google that will (hopefully) make work easier, more efficient, and enjoyable. The “Google Apps” you will most commonly use are: Gmail – incredibly powerful email. Meet –  voice & video conferencing. Calendar – scheduling, and sharing calendars.… Continue reading Your new Google Workspace account